Term and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We have a certain set of terms and conditions that helps maintain transparency and the belief of our clients on us. While we provide our services we ensure that both of us, remain in the boundaries of these terms and conditions and our clients don’t ask our favor for anything illegitimate and beyond our pre-defined protocols.

We have the full right to change these terms and conditions anytime without providing any prior notice. By browsing through our website or by leveraging our services, we believe it is your consent to these terms and conditions.


By using any third-party content, you may leave this website and be moved to an external website. If you decide to visit, you do so at your own risk and Rankon Technologies will not be responsible for any safety attack malware issues, etc.


All logos, brands, headings, tags, appearing in this site, are things either owned or used under license, by Rankon Technologies.

You may not change the content of this Website or openly execute, allocate, or otherwise use them in any way for any business purpose without our organization’s written permission.


Rankon Technologies allow you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, right to access, use, and spectacle this site and materials thereon.


  • The client should take no employee of ours under his direct engagement without our written agreement.
  • If you cancel the contract on the same day then money will be refunded (if our employees haven’t started the job yet). The money will be refunded to you after 30 days. Refund policy is only applicable for Indian clients.
  • No payments will be refunded after 1 calendar day. If you hired us for any small job that can be done in a few minutes/hours then refund will not be possible for that type of project.
  • Any legal issues will be covered in Lucknow (U.P) jurisdiction only.